Why 2 Associations

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As is nationally, and in other states, two or more organizations exist and function independently.

Distinguishable by actions regarding chiropractic principles, the Illinois Prairie State Chiropractic Association (IPSCA) promotes protection of chiropractic.

The IPSCA does not want to infringe upon medical practices (dispensing drugs, etc.) and desires to protect the public by discouraging unqualified individuals from performing the chiropractic adjustment.

The IPSCA’s position is that patients should have the freedom of choice in health matters and that legitimate health care providers should have freedom to practice their specialities.

The IPSCA has no plans to restrict or regulate the practice of chiropractors or other health professionals.  Our position is that chiropractors should be held to the standards of other D.C.s with the same training and mode of care.

Chiropractors cooperate at the public level for health education and in the governmental arena to support legislation on the behalf of the profession and chiropractic patients.


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