The Vertebral Subluxation with Dr. Rob Sinnott

The Vertebral Subluxation - How do we determine if it is present (and how to know it is gone)?

IPSCA Lunch & Learn

Thursday, May 16th, 12:30 pm  

Zoom      1 CE Hour


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The vertebral subluxation is known to interfere with the communicative control of any tissue or organ in the body.  Its detrimental effects run across the entire gamut of the human condition.

As Chiropractors, our goal is to see that the vertebral subluxation is no longer interfering with the neural conduit of our patients.  But, how do we determine—for certain—that the vertebral subluxation is truly present, and furthermore, how do we know that it is gone post-adjustment?

As this represents the CORE of what you are, your value to your community, these are questions that deserve discussion and consideration.  This hour session will shine a light on the answers to these questions in a thorough, but enjoyable way.  We will look at the philosophy, art, and science that pertains to the nemesis of any good Chiropractor—the Vertebral Subluxation.


Event Start Date

May 16, 2024 12:30 pm

Event end Date

May 16, 2024 1:30 pm


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